How to use

  • Use the lip applicator and apply directly to your lips as you would a lip gloss
  • Start with one coat and assure to apply the product evenly
  • Allow the active ingredients to plump and hydrate, resulting in full and shiny lips
  •  Continue using this treat overtime -- this polypeptide formula has an anti-aging effect that helps repair and strengthen damaged skin 

Product Description

In just one sweep, this iridescent treat leaves your lips looking instantly fuller and brighter. It's peppermint and ginger root formula work together to stimulate circulation and create a prickly sensation improving the size and color of the lips. Additionally, this plumper is packed with nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin B and antioxidants to help hydrate, soothe and provide a long-lasting glow.

Jojoba Oil

Packed with nutrients like Vitamin E, B & antioxidantsTo help deeply hydrate, soothe & provide a long lasting glow

Peppermint Oil

Stimulates circulation under the lips that gives a fresh & natural plumping effect

Ginger Root Oil

Creates a prickly sensation improving the size and color of your lips


Rich in vitamin E, omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids to restore collagen and increase skins elasticity, providing a long term pout


Have an anti-aging effect that helps repair and strengthen damaged skin


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kayla Crowder
Do those lips a favor

I’ve been using this every day since I purchased it. It gives your lips an immediate plump where you’ll feel a slight tingle without the burn and you slowly see your lips plumping naturally over time. It has a wonderful peppermint scent to it and the color adds a sheer iridescence to your lips. I love this stuff and it’s become a staple in my every day routine :) go buy it now

Anna Eglash

I am always looking for a new lip plumper and this is my absolute favorite.
It makes my lips looks super pouty and pink and doesn’t hurt or get all sticky. My lips look bomb for hours

Best ever

I’ve used a lot of lip plumpers but this is the best EVER. It makes my lips flushed with color for a long time! Can’t leave the house without it

Caroline Bentley
Serum + Lipgloss :)

I LOVE my lash serum! I have tried so many brands that irritate my eyes and finally found one that doesn’t. 10/10 recommend. The Lipgloss is outstanding as well! The perfect amount of tingle and shine. I love these products so much. Not to mention their packaging is sooo good!

Lena Ross

Put simply - perfect