How to use

  • Apply before bed after cleansing and drying your face
  • Wash your lashes the following morning if you have eyelash extensions
  • Sweep applicator brush along the lash line in the same manner as liquid eyeliner
  • Allow one to two minutes for serum to dry
  • Use consistently for 8 weeks for optimum results
  • Once desired results are achieved, use whenever necessary to maintain your results

Product Description

A treat for the lashes that promotes longer, thicker and fuller lashes. This rose water infused lash serum enhances your eyelashes with the help from the following natural ingredients: polypeptides, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera leaf. These key Ingredients work together to help enhance your natural beauty by creating longer, thicker and fuller lashes.

Lash Treat is especially safe for those with sensitive eyes as it’s formulated to stay away from all harsh ingredients like prostaglandin and parabens. It is also safe to use for those wearing lash extensions due to its oil free formula and won’t cause extensions to fall off prematurely. You will start to see the effects of longer and thicker-looking lashes in just 4 weeks when used daily (use consistently for 8 weeks for optimum results).

Rose Flower Extract

carries antioxidant and antimicrobial agents to cleanse and nourish the skin

hyaluronic acid

helps lock water into the lash follicle, providing major hydration and moisture

Aloe vera leaf

moisturizes the lash a little extra and promotes growth directly

soy protein

strengthens, conditions and soothes weak lashes


stimulates and speeds up the process of the natural lash growth cycle


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Diana Ortega Vazquez

As a lash artist who gets her lashes done regularly I must admit I am sometimes guilty of being harsh on my extensions. My lashes needed a little extra TLC so I took a break, got a lash lift, and have been using TREATS lash enhancement serum for the past month. I am so impressed with the results. It used to take my lashes about 3 months to completely grow out again and using TREATS serum has sped the process rapidly. It’s been about 30 days and my lashes are all grown out and even a little longer than what they naturally look like. It’s for sure an everyday essential now!

Amber Jackson
Lash treats

I love it 🥰 my lashes are longer, fuller, & look awesome 🤗 I absolutely love this product. Thank you ♥️

Ally Ellerbe


Wendy Arevalo
Great lash serum!!

I absolutely love this lash serum. I could really tell a difference in my eyelash length. I also love that’s it’s not irritating on my eyes.

My favorite treat

I’ve been using the Lash Treat consistently for about 3 weeks now and I am so happy with the results I’m seeing! I love that it’s made with the best ingredients. It really shows the intentionality these girls had in mind for the beauties buying their products. Will definitely be trying the Lip Treat next!